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Noah Warwel

An up and coming singer-songwriter from Moers, Germany.


Live Music

I'm Noah from Moers and I've been a musician with heart and soul for over 5 years now. For me personally there is nothing more real, nothing purer than sung emotion. That's why weddings and music go so well with each other. Real, live music creates this special atmosphere, it can get into peoples hearts and animate them, it can create tension and even get grandpa on the dancefloor. Music is magic.

Your Personal Love Song

As a highlight, to make your once in a lifetime day even more special, I'm offering to write you and your partner your own personal love song. Based on your story, written, perfomed, and recorded by me!

So if you want live music that comes from the heart or want an individual love song as a special memory for your special day, than please feel free to contact me!


Noah Warwel's single, Vampir, available now on Spotify, iTunes and more.

Play Vampir now on Spotify


Noah Warwel's single, Heartbreak Vibes, available now on Spotify, iTunes and more.

Play Heartbreak Vibes now on Spotify


Hi! Im Noah, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Moers in Germany. My music is a mix of Pop, Rock and Acoustic music. I perform my songs live with a loopstation, which lets me loop what I play live and repeats it. With that I build the song with bass, drums etc. I'm looking forward to meeting you at one of my gigs. Until then!


Feel free to contact about bookings, weddings, questions or anything else.

You can also contact me on my phone number: +49 1725232003.

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